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2019 Mercedes ACTROS – Digital Side Mirrors, Electronic Stability, Auto Braking, Side Guard Safety

2019 Mercedes ACTROS / ALL-NEW Mercedes ACTROS 2019 (Mercedes Truck 2019) – Digital Side Mirrors, Semi Automated, Electronic Stability, Active Auto Braking, Side Guard Safety, and a lot more!

The new Actros - the safest, most efficient and best connected truck ever

- Enhanced comfort and greater safety: automated driving starts here with new Active Drive Assist, new MirrorCam for the perfect all-round view, Active Brake Assist 5 with further improved pedestrian detection, new Traffic Sign Assist, new electronic parking brake, new Stability Control Assist also for trailers, new headlamp system with characteristic light signature, Highbeam Assist

- Reduced costs: up to five percent less fuel consumption on rural routes and up to three percent less for long-distance haulage thanks to further improved aerodynamics, advanced Predictive Powertrain Control and a new rear axle ratio; more efficient working for the driver with the new Multimedia Cockpit

- Maximum vehicle availability: thanks to connectivity, real-time monitoring of the vehicle's technical status and of transport tasks for the business owner based on full integration of Fleetboard into the vehicle

- Increased comfort: ergonomically optimised and digital driver cockpit, contemporary new infotainment options, new interior lighting concept

- From the MirrorCam to the Multimedia Cockpit – these innovative new features for the Actros are also available for the Arocs, the heavy-duty construction vehicle from Mercedes-Benz Trucks

All assistance systems in all Mercedes-Benz vehicles work within system limits at all times to their full capacity. The driver retains full responsibility with respect to the road and traffic conditions.

The new Actros is a truck featuring pioneering innovations in series production which immediately pay off. The vehicle increases efficiency for business owners and comfort for drivers to a previously unattained level: fuel consumption has fallen noticeably while safety and vehicle availability have been increased further.

The opportunities provided by digitisation have been leveraged in order to achieve that. This applies in particular to the new Multimedia Cockpit, the completely updated interface between the driver and vehicle. The driver benefits from a seamlessly connected workspace with digital services and assistance systems, which can be used intuitively and support the drivers to operate even more effectively. The digital aspects also benefit fleet managers and scheduling teams. Thanks to the new Actros' comprehensive connectivity they are able to monitor their trucks in real-time without interruption and delays. All necessary maintenance and logistics processes, e.g, can be perfectly organised and immediate response is possible in urgent cases.

The new Actros is available to order with the start of the 2018 IAA show. The first vehicles will be delivered to customers in spring next year. The options for configuring the new Actros are extensive and each customer will be able to order precisely the Actros which best meets the individual requirements.

New: Active Drive Assist is where automated driving starts – for greater safety and to ease the burden on the driver in stressful situations and at all speed ranges

The new Actros has been considerably improved with regard to safety and comfort and underlines its pioneering position in that respect. The most important and spectacular new feature is the new Active Drive Assist. Unlike systems which only work within a certain speed range, Active Drive Assist gives the driver access to semi-automated driving at all speeds for the first time in a series production truck. New features include active lateral control and the combination of longitudinal and lateral control at all speed ranges by combining radar and camera information.

Active Drive Assist builds on the proven Proximity Control Assist system with stop-and-go function, as well as on the Lane Keeping Assist. Active Drive Assist brakes the truck if it gets too close to a vehicle driving in front and accelerates again until a set speed is reached. It also actively keeps the vehicle in lane. If the vehicle is leaving its lane unintentionally, Active Drive Assist intervenes and independently steers the vehicle back into its lane. The distance from the vehicle in front and the vehicle's position in its lane can be adjusted in multiple stages using the driving assistance menu.

- New Active Drive Assist offers active lane keeping assistance at all times

- Innovative and perfectly aligned: close interaction between different assistance systems and technologies in the new Actros

- Cost reduction: up to five percent less fuel consumption due to improved aerodynamics and other measures

- On motorways and rural routes alike: Predictive Powertrain Control takes fuel-saving driving to a new level

- Leading in Efficiency: new rear axle ratio for Actros models with the OM 471 engine

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